Payroll Management Solutions

While some businesses are beginning to realise the value or cost savings  from outsourcing their payroll management workflow  externally to focus on generating wealth, other businesses are beginning to realise the function is better suited in-house with the right skills and technology. Payroll has become complex (especially in South Africa) due to reporting disclosure obligations set out in the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 of South Africa. In addition to changes in taxation policy is the ability for software systems to adapt effectively to these updates. New entrants in the payroll software industry are emerging, either through global expansion or due to solutions designed to enhance user experience.

Choosing the right technology is not simple. Most software systems offer similar sub-standard basic functionality required to successfully implement a payroll process, usually differentiating themselves with a shift towards either compliance, custom integration, HR workflows, cloud computing and data storage or user experience (very recently voice bots and chat bots).

Payroll Consulting Services

Processing experience on most platforms (SAP, SAGE VIP, SAGE Pastel, PSIBer, Payspace) as well as testing of new ERP systems entering the market has provided greater insight into choosing the best system for your business at a relative cost.  Comparable arguments around design and value creation are presented to explain the benefits or limitations of a specific investment in Human Resource technology. Understanding the organisations future integration requirements expands the lifespan of the system.

Outsourced Payroll Services

Outsourcing payroll is a cheap effective payroll management method to pay staff within a compliant framework. By segregating this duty, the risk is automatically moved to the service provider and the organisation can shift focus where required. Our dedicated personnel actively communicate with key stakeholders within the payroll arena, sharing experiences and fixes to ultimately stay ahead. Companies opt for the outsource option for mainly two reasons; either to save costs or the process causes frustration intermittently.