Part of the firms culture is rapid learning. Accelerated learning and cross-pollination learning strategies is imperative not only in professional consulting services, but to businesses that want to exist in the future.  We have made available some valuable resources to help your organisation build a strong foundation and have the competitive advantage in the market place.


Binding Class Ruling (BCR) 061 – Foreign return of capital

LAPD-Resident definition natural person ordinarily resident

LAPD-IntR-IN-2012-04 – Resident definition natural person physical presence

LAPD-CGT-G02 – The ABC of Capital Gains Tax for Individuals

LAPD-IT-G01 – Guide on Income Tax and the Individual

LAPD-VAT-G15 – VAT Quick Reference Guide for Non-Executive Directors

LAPD-IntR-R-BPR-2018-16 – BPR 303 Tax implications of a group restructuring transaction

LAPD-IntR-IN-2012-51 – PreTrade Expenditure & Losses

LAPD-Pub-IRT-2012-03 – Interest Rate Table April 2018



B-BBEE Rating: Level 1 contribution in terms of the DTI Generic Scorecard as per the amended Codes of Good Practice

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